Case 1150E 1155E Repair Manuals [Crawler Dozer]

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Service Repair Manual For Case 1150E 1155E Crawler. Step by step repair instruction and illustrations. Remove & install, assembly & disassembly, service, maintenance, repair, overhaul, tune-up, reassembly, rebuild, adjustments.

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Models Covered

Case 1150E

Case 1155E

In Content

  • General
    Safety Rules. Service Manual Introduction,
    and Torque Specifications
    General Engine Specifications – 1150E
    General Engine Specifications – 1155E
    Maintenance and Lubrication
    Loctite Product Chart
  • Engines
    Engine and Radiator Removal and Installation
    Engine Accessories
    Engine Stall Tests
    Detailed Engine Specifications – 1155E
    Detailed Engine Specifications – 1150E
    Cylinder Head and Valve Trail – 1150E
    Cylinder Head and Valve Train – 1155E
    Cylinder Block, Crankshaft, Pistons,
    Rods, Sleeves, Camshaft, and Seals -1150E
    Cylinder Block, Pistons, Rods, Camshaft,
    Main Bearings, Oil Seals, and Flywheel – 1155E
    Lubrication System – Oil Pan, Oil Pump,
    Oil Cooler, and Oil Filter Housing -1150E
    Lubrication System – 1155E
    Cooling System – Thermostat, Water Pump,
    Fan Pulley, and Belt Tensioner – 1150E
    Cooling System – 1155E
    Turbochargcr – 1150E
    Turbocharger – 1155E
    Turbocharger Failure Analysis
  • Fuel System
    Fuel Lines. Fuel Tank, and Engine Controls
    Fuel System and Filters -| 1150E
    Fuel System and Filters – 1155E
    Injection Pump – Pump Drive Gear, Timing Pin,
    Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid. Primer Pump, and Pump Timing – 1150E
    Bosch Fuel Injection Pump, Drive Gear, and Timing – 1155E
    Fuel Injectors – 1150E
    Fuel Injectors – 1155E
  • Electrical
    Removal and Installation of Electrical Components
    Electrical System Specificiations and Troubleshooting
    Electrical Schematics
    Indicators and Gauges
    24 Volt Nippondenso Starter and Starter Solenoid
    24 Volt Delco-Remy Starter and Starter Solenoid
    24 Volt 45 Ampere Alternator – Bosch
  • Track
    Removal and Installation of Track Components
    Case Lubricated Track
    Standard Track
    Track Frame and Suspension
    Track Adjuster
    Carrier Roller
    Track Roller
  • Power Train
    Transmission Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    Transmission Diagrams and Operation
    Charging Pump
    Transmission Control Valve
    Torque Converter
    Final Drive
    Transmission Controls
    Drive Shaft
  • Brakes
  • Hydraulics
    Hydraulic System Specifications. Diagrams,
    Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Pressure Checks
    Cleaning the Hydraulic System
    Equipment Control Valve
    Selector Valve
  • Mounted Equipment
    Air Conditioning Troubleshooting and System Checks
    Air Conditioning System
    Dozer Blade
    ROPS Cab and Canopy
    Operators Seat and Seat Belts
    Suspension Seat