Case 521D Repair Manual [Wheel Loader]

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Factory Complete Repair Manual Case 521D. Like the original factory paper manual. Step by step instructions for service, maintenance, repair, overhaul, tune-up guide you through every service repair procedure.
This service manual is one of the most important tools available to the service technician.

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Models Covered

Case 521D Wheel Loader.

In Content

  • General
    Section Index – General
    Standard Torque Specifications
    Fluids and Lubricants
    Metric Conversion Chart
    Loctite Product Chart
    Section Index – Engines
    Engine and Radiator Removal and Installation
    Engine and Radiator Removal and Installation P.I.N. JEE ) 135501 and Above
    Stall Tests
    For Engine Repair, See the Engine Service Manual
  • Fuel System
    Section Index – Fuel System
    For Fuel System Repair, See the Engine Service Manual
  • Electrical
    Section Index – Electrical
    Removal and Installation of Starter and Alternator
    Electrical Specifications and Troubleshooting
    Electrical Specifications and Troubleshooting P.I.N. JEEO 135501 and Above
    Information and Diagnostic Center
    Alternator – 65 Ampere
    Alternator – 45 Ampere
  • Steering
    Section Index – Steering
    Removal and Installation of Steering Components
    Steering Specifications, Pressure Checks, and Troublesh noting
    Steering Control Valve
    Steering Priority Valve
    Steering Cylinders
    Center Pivot
    Auxiliary steering Motor ana Mump
  • Power Train
    Section Index – Power Train
    Removal and Installation of Power Train Components
    Transmission Specifications, Pressure Checks, and Troubleshooting
    Front and Rear Axle
    Front and Rear Axle P.I.N. JEE0135501 and Above
    Drive Shafts, Center Bearing, and Universal Joints
    Wheels and Tires
    Transmission Control Valve
  • Brakes
    Section Index – Brakes
    Removal and Installation of Brake Components
    Hydraulic Brake Troubleshooting
    Brake Accumulators
    Parking Brake
    NOTE: For parking brake and brake pedal adjustments, see Section 9001.
  • Hydraulics
    Section Index – Hydraulics
    Removal and Installation of Hydraulic Components
    Hydraulic Specifications, Troubleshooting, and Pressure Checks
    Cleaning the Hydraulic System
    Coupler Solenoid Locking Valve
    Pilot Pressure Accumulator and Ride Control Accumulator
  • Mounted Equipment
    Section Index – Mounted Equipment
    Pedals and Levers
    Air Conditioning Troubleshooting and System Checks For Systems with HFC-134a
    Air Conditioner System Service
    Removal and Installation of Air Conditioning Components For Systems with
    HFC-134a Refrigerant
    ROPS Cab and ROPS Canopy
    Cab Glass Installation
  • Electrical Schematic Foldouts and Hydraulic Schematic Foldout
  • Electrical Schematic Foldouts and Hydraulic Schematic Foldout P.I.N JEE0135501 and Above


Park machine on a level surface; be sure to allow adequate space at side of machine for removal of rear axle. Stop engine. Actuate brake pedal several times to discharge brake accumulators. Put key switch in ON position and move loader control lever back and forth at least 30 times to release any pressure from hydraulic circuit. Note amount of fuel in fuel tank then put key switch in OFF position.
Put articulation lock in LOCKED position.
Remove fuel tank (Steps 24 through 28).
STEP 100
Install wood blocks between rear axle and chassis to prevent rear axle from pivoting.
STEP 101
Remove four bolts (1) and two straps (2). Use a pry bar to disconnect rear drive shaft (3) from rear axle.
STEP 102
Disconnect brake hose (4) from fitting (5). Remove and discard O-ring face seal from fitting.
STEP 103
Using an acceptable hydraulic jack, raise one tire from ground and install an acceptable jack stand under machine. Repeat this step for other tire.
STEP 104
Use an acceptable jack to hold rear axle.
STEP 105
Remove 10 bolts (6) and washers (7) from rear wheels (8). Remove both wheels from rear axle.
STEP 106
At front of trunnion (9), remove two Allen head bolts (10) and washers (11). Remove front cap (12): if necessary use two M12 by 32 mm (1.25 inches) bolts in puller holes (A); tighten bolts evenly to pull cap from axle and trunnion. Remove and discard O-ring (15) from cap. Repeat this step at rear of trunnion except remove and retain shim(s) (14) after removal of rear cap (13). Remove pivot shaft (16) using acceptable sleeve or rod if necessary