Case 880C Repair Manual [Excavator]

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Remove & install, assembly & disassembly, service, maintenance, repair, overhaul, tune-up, reassembly, rebuild, adjustments. Step by step instructions.

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Models Covered

Case 880C Excavator

In Content

  • General
    General Engine Specifications
    Detailed Engine Specifications
    General Maintenance
    Torque Charts
    General Cleaning Instructions
    Safety Rules
  • Engine
    Engine Diagnosis
    Engine Tune-Up
    Cylinder Mead Valve Train And Camshaft
    Cylinder Block Sleeves Piston And Rods
    Crankshaft Main Bearings, Flywheel And Oil Seals
    Lubrication System
    Air Cleaner
    Pump Drive Plate
    Cooling System
    Reconditioning Engine Cylinder Block
  • Fuel System
    Fuel System And Filters
    Fuel Injection
    Fuel Injector
    Fuel Tank Fuel Lines, Storage
  • Electrical
    Maintenance Service
    Diagnostic Tests And Checks
    Wiring Harness
    Starter Solenoid Ard Starter Relay Switch
  • Track And Suspension
    Maintenance Service
    Track Chain Ana Shoes
    Track Rollers Carrier Rollers Idlers And Sprockets
  • Power Train
    Maintenance Service
    Drive Motor Circuit And Lines
    Drive Motor
    Final Drive Transmission (Drive)
  • Brake System
    Maintenance Service
    House Brake
    Track Digging
  • Equipment Hydraulics
    Maintenance Service
    Diagnostic Tests And Checks
    Equipment Hydraulic Pump
    Excavator Control Valves
    Swing Motor Hydraulic Swing Motor And Crossover Relief Valve
    Hoist Cylinder Hydraulics
    Crowd Cylinder Hydraulics
    Tool Cylinder Hydraulics
    Leveler Cylinder Hydraulics
    Hydraulic Swivel
    Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Mounted Equipment
    Maintenance Service
    Control Levers Linkage
    Swing Reducer Gear Box
    “E” Boom,
    “Y” Boom
    Turntable Leveler Assembly
    Turntable Bearing And Related Pans