Case STX275 STX325 STX375 STX425 STX450 Repair Manual [Tractor]

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Complete Service Repair Manual For Case IH International STX275 STX325 STX375 STX425 STX450. Include detailed step by step Instructions, diagrams, illustrations for disassembly and assembly. Make an easy any repair, overhaul, testing, adjustment, teardown, replacement and change, inspection.

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MODELS Covered

JI Case IH International Tractor 

Case STX275

Case STX325

Case STX375

Case STX425

Case STX450

SECTIONS covered

  • General

Loctite Product Chart 
Standard Torque Specifications 

  • Engines

See Engine Service Manual for Engine Service 
Engine Removal and Installation 
Engine Air Induction System 
Viscous Fan Drive Test & Hydraulic Fan Drive Test – All Models 

  • Fuel

Electrical System How it Works and Troubleshooting 
Starter Motor
Battery Service and Testing 
Alternator Testing and Repair (Bosch) Electrical Schematic Poster 
Electrical Schematic Poster for Powershift Transmission 
Electrical Schematic Poster for Manual Shift Transmission

  • Steering

Steering Control Valve Removal/Installation (Standard) 
Center Console, Steering Column, Pedals and Switches 
Steering Column Repair 
Steering Cylinders 
Accusteer – Steering Control Unit Removal and Installation 
Accusteer – How It Works, Calibration and Troubleshooting 
Accusteer – Steering Cylinders with Linear Potentiometers

  • Power Train

PS-3 Powershift Transmission Removal and Installation 
Engine Transmission Drive Coupler Removal and Installation
16-Speed Powershift Transmission Disassembly/Assembly 
Powershift Transmission System – How It Works 
PTO Clutch Removal and Installation 
PTO Drive Unit (Clutch) Repair 
PTO Drive Unit Control System – How it Works 
PTO Transfer Case Removal and Installation 
PTO Dropbox Repair 
Rear Drive Line and Carrier Bearing 
PTO Drive Line Hanger Bearing 
Charge Pump Repair (Transmission) 
PTO Clutch Valve 
Front Axle Removal and Installation 
Rear Axle Removal and Installation
Axle Repair
Front Axle Removal and Installation 
Rear Axle Removal and Installation 
Tracks Removal Installation 
Front and Rear Axle Repair
Undercarriage Removal and Installation 
Undercarriage Repair 
Range Selector and Pressure Regulator Valve Repair (Transmission) 
PS-3 Powershift Transmission – Pressure Testing and Troubleshooting 
24 Speed Transmission – How It Works, Pressure Testing and Repair 
24 Speed Transmission Removal and Installation 
Front and Rear Axle Repair (Axle Model 400 and 410) 

  • Brakes

Brake System – How It Works 
Service Brake Valve Removal and Repair 

  • Chassis

A/C System – Troubleshooting 
A/C Component Service 
A/C Temperature Pressure Poster 
Cab Removal and Installation 
Hood Removal and Installation
Radiator, Coolers and Condenser Removal and Installation 
Hitch Cylinder Removal and Repair
Center Hinge Bearings and Connecting Link 
Deluxe Air Seat 
Drawbar Removal and Replacement
Front Frame Hinge and Bearing 
Cab Top Removal 

  • Controller Systems

Standard Instrumentation Programming and Fault Codes 
Hitch Controller Calibration and Fault Codes 
Transmission Controller Calibration and Fault Codes 
Armrest Controller Calibration and Fault Codes 
Remote Hydraulics Controller Fault Codes (Electronic) 
Steering Controller and Fault Codes 
Performance Monitor Controller Calibration Fault Codes 
Electronic Service Tool Users Manual AUX67 Controller Fault Codes 

  • Electrical shematic

In the service manual there is no section hydraulics.