Case WX150 WX170 WX200 Repair Manual [Wheel Excavator]

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Factory Service Repair Manual For Case WX150 WX170 WX200 Wheel Excavator. Step by step Instructions, illustrations, diagrams. Digital PDF format with all its advantages, just like the original paper manual.
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Case WX150, WX170, WX200 Wheeled Excavator


    Safety, general section and standard torque settings *
    Specifications (Wheeled excavators) *
    Removal and installation of the engine
    Radiator and oil-cooler
    Engine specifications **
    Cylinder head and valve assembly **
    Engine block **
    Lubrication circuit **
    Cooling circuit **
    Turbocharger **
    Analysis of turbocharger failures **
    Fuel circuit and filter **
    CAV injection pump **
    BOSCH injection pump **
    Fuel injector **
    BOSCH ANEROID injection pump **
    Electrical schematics *
    Electronic system and troubleshooting *
    Starter motor
    Reduction gear and swing brake Trasmital
    Reduction gear and swing brake Trasmital
    Front axle and service brake
    Rear axle and service brake
    Gearbox and parking brake
    Twin wheels
    Hydraulic travel motor
    One-piece control valve for travel, stabilizers and dozer blade
    Two section control valve for travel, stabilizers and dozer blade
    Cylinders for steering, stabilizers, dozer blade and front axle locking
    Hydraulic inspections, adjustments and schematics (Wheeled excavators) *
    Hydraulic swivel
    High pressure hydraulic pump (WX170 – WX200)
    High pressure and swing hydraulic pump (WX150)
    Hydraulic swing pump 28 cc fixed flow (WX170)
    Hydraulic swing pump 45 cc variable flow (WX200)
    MARREL attachment control valve
    REXROTH attachment control valve
    One-piece swing control valve
    Two-piece swing control valve
    Swing control valve (Orbital)
    Hydraulic swing motor and safety and force-feeding block
    Hydraulic fan motor
    Attachment and swing control block
    Option control block
    Direction of travel inverter control block
    Travel control block
    Brake unit
    Parking brake electro-control valve
    Electro-control valve block
    Flow cancellation over-pressure selector block
    Electro-control valve block DRE4
    Attachment cylinders
    Safety valves
    Upperstructure and turntable

* Refer to the Schematic Set WX150, WX170, WX200. (NOT included)
* * Consult the engine Service Manual. (NOT included)