Bobcat E55 Repair Manual [Compact Excavator]


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Factory Service Repair Manual For Bobcat E55 Compact Excavator. In content Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, disassembly, installation, as well as machine specifications, tightening references, maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting and lot of other useful information for repair and servicing. Included Wiring schematics, Hydraulic Schematics

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Air Cleaner Service
Air Cleaner
Air Conditioning System Flow
Arm (Standard And Long)
Blade (Angle)
Blade Control Lever
Blower Fan
Camshaft And Timing Gears
Case Drain Filter Mount
Control Console Lockouts
Control Pattern Selector Valve
Conversions Spec
Counterweight (Lower)
Crankshaft And Pistons
Cylinder (Angle Blade)
Cylinder (Arm)
Cylinder (Blade)
Cylinder (Boom Swing)
Cylinder (Boom)
Cylinder (Bucket)
Cylinder (Clamp)
Cylinder Head
Delivery Report
Deluxe Instrument Panel Setup
Diagnostic Service Codes
Direct To Tank Valve
E Excavator Specificationsspec
Electrical System Information
Emergency Exit
Engine Cooling System
Engine Cooling System
Engine Information
Engine Lubrication System
Engine Speed Control
Evaporator / Heater Unit
Evaporator Coil
Excavator Identification
Expansion Valve
Fire Prevention
Floor Mat
Flywheel And Housing
Fuel Level Sender
Fuel System
Fuel System
Fuel Tank
Heater Coil
Heater Valve
Hvac Duct
Hydraulic Connection
Specifications Spec
Hydraulic Control Valve
Hydraulic Filter Mount
Hydraulic Fluid Specifications Spec
Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Reservoir
Hydraulic System Information
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Xchange Manifold
Instrument Panel / Controller
Key Switch
Left Console
Left Control Lever (Joystick)
Left Upperstructure Cover
Lifting And Blocking The Excavator
Lifting The Excavator
Index E Service Manual
Lubricating The Excavator
Lubrication System
Magnetic Lockout Sensor
Maintenance Safety
Manifold Assembly / Accumulator (With Angle Blade)
Manifold Assembly / Accumulator (Without Angle Blade)
Motion Alarm System
Oil Cooler
Operator Cab (Rops / Tops)
Pivot Pins
Quick Coupler (Klac™ System)
Quick Coupler (Lehnhoff® System)
Receiver / Drier
Regular Maintenance
Remote Start Tool (Service Tool) Kit
Remote Start Tool Kitmel
Removing Air From The Hydraulic
Right Console
Right Control Lever (Joystick)
Right Side Cover
Right Side Cover
Right Upperstructure Cover
Rops Canopy
Safety Instructions
Seat Belt
Secondary Auxiliary Valve
Serial Number Locations
Service Pc (Laptop Computer)
Service Schedule
Shutoff Switch
Spark Arrester Muffler
Swing Circle Gear
Swing Frame
Swing Motor (Drive Carrier)
Swing Motor
Swivel Joint
System Charging And Reclamation
Tool Box
Torque Specification For Bolts
Towing The Excavator
Track Maintenance
Track Undercarriage Components (Rubber Track)
Track Undercarriage Components (Steel Track)
Transporting The Excavator On A
Travel Control Valve
Travel Levers And Pedals
Travel Motor Autoshift
Travel Motor
Travel Motor
Valve (Arm Lock)
Valve (Boom Lock)
Valve (Main Relief)
Valve (Pressure Reducing)
Valves (Cross Port Relief)
Valves (Port Relief)
Wiper Motor
Xchange (Hydraulic)




Clean all parts in solvent and dry with compressed air. Inspect all parts and replace any that are damaged. If any of the planetary gears are damaged, replace all the planetary gears and sun gear from the planetary assembly that is damaged. One damaged gear can cause a microscopic fatigue crack in mating teeth and cause premature failure after servicing. Apply oil to all Orings (as noted) and light grease to the ball and roller bearings before installation.

Place a 13 mm (0.500 in) long piece of 1,5 mm (0.063 in) solder on the end of the sun gear (Item 1) [Figure 20-70-78].
Seat the cover in the hub.
Remove the cover and measure the solder. If the clearance between the sun gear and cover bushing does not meet specifications, order the bushing shim kit from Bobcat Parts.
Remove the bushing.
Install the correct shim under the bushing and install the bushing.
NOTE: Make sure there are no burrs on the bushing face from bushing removal.
Repeat the procedure for checking clearance between the sun gear and cover bushing.