Bobcat EF2 Operators and Maintenance Manuals 6904720 12-05


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Factory Operators & Maintenance Manual For Bobcat 6904720 12-05. This manual gives the owner/operator necessary operating, and preventive maintenance instructions for the Bobcat Loader Backhoe. This service manual is one of the most important tools available to the owner and the service technician.
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Bobcat EF-2
B Series


(may differ slightly from the actual description).

Operator Safety Warnings
– Regular Maintenance Items
– Motor Oil
– Serial Number Location
– Backhoe Loader Serial Number
– Engine Serial Number
– Delivery Report
– Backhoe Loader Identification
– Features, Options, Accessories And Attachments
– Safety Instructions
– Machine Signs (Decals)
Operating Instructions
– Front Instrument Panel
– Engine Speed Control
– Brake Pedal
– Steering Wheel
– Seat Adjustments
– Operator Cab (Rops And Fops)
– Operator Cab Enclosure (If Equipped)
– Loader Hydraulic Controls
– Lift And Tilt Transport Lever Lock
– Rear Control Panel
– Backhoe Hydraulic Controls
– Boom Lock Pin
– Swing Lock Pin
– Daily Inspection
– Pre-Starting Procedure
– Starting The Engine
– Loader Attachments
– Backhoe Attachments
– Operating Procedure
– Parking The Backhoe Loader
Lr Transporting The Backhoe Loader
– Steering Valve
– Towing The Backhoe Loader
Preventive Maintenance
– Maintenance Safety
– Service Schedule
– Approved Lift Arm Support Device
– Press To Drive System
– Parking Brake (Button Activated)
– Brake Reservoir
– Engine Cover
– Air Cleaner Service
– Seat Belt
– Fuel System
– Engine Lubrication System
– Engine Cooling System
– Spark Arrestor Muffler
– Electrical System
– Electrical System (Cont’d)
– Hydraulic/Hydrostatic System
– Axles (Front And Rear)
– Rear Axle
– Front Axle
– Tire Maintenance
– Alternator Belt
– X-Change ™
– Lubricating The Backhoe Loader
– Bob-Tach™ Hand Lever
– Axle Toe-In
Machine Sign Translations
– Service Schedule
– Warning
– Danger
– Warnings
– Important
– X-Change System – Bolt On
– Backhoe Loader Specifications
– Additional Publications And Training Materials