Doosan Daewoo Solar Series Excavator Shop Manual

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Factory (Repair) Shop Manuals For (Doosan) Daewoo Solar Series Excavator Excavators. Manual includes repair and maintenance manuals, installation instructions, circuits, step by step instructions, diagnostic programs, technical specifications, service and repair instructions.
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Daewoo S010 Shop Manual 2022-7153E
Daewoo S015 PLUS Shop Manual 023-00038E
Daewoo S018VT Shop Manual K1000237E
Daewoo S030 PLUS Shop Manual 023-00046E
Daewoo S55-V PLUS Shop Manual 023-00045AE
Daewoo S75-V Shop Manual 023-00066AE
Daewoo S130LC-V Shop Manual 2023-7117E
Daewoo S140LC-V Shop Manual 023-00076E
Daewoo S170LC-V Shop Manual 023-00032E
Daewoo S175LC-V Shop Manual 023-00063E
Daewoo S220LC-3 Shop Manual
Daewoo S220LC-6 Shop Manual K9006312
Daewoo S220LC-V Shop Manual 2023-7115AE
Daewoo S220LL Shop Manual 2023-7134E
Daewoo S225LC-V Shop Manual 023-00058E
Daewoo S225LL Shop Manual 023-00078E
Daewoo S225NLC-V Shop Manual 023-00062E
Daewoo S250LC-V Shop Manual 023-00031E
Daewoo S255LC-V Shop Manual 023-00057E
Daewoo S290LC-V Shop Manual 2023-7113AE
Daewoo S290LL Shop Manual 2023-7132E
Daewoo S300LC-V Shop Manual 023-00043E
Daewoo S300LL Shop Manual 023-00079E
Daewoo S330LC-3 Shop Manual
Daewoo S330LC-V Shop Manual 2023-7135AE
Daewoo S340LC-V Shop Manual
Daewoo S400LC-V Shop Manual 2023-7140AE
Daewoo S420LC-V Shop Manual
Daewoo S450LC-V Shop Manual 023-00037E
Daewoo S470LC-V Shop Manual

(may differ slightly from the actual description)

  • Specifications

Specifications for Solar
General Description
Component Locations
General Dimensions
Dimensions and Working Range
General Specifications
Engine Performance Curves
Approximate Weight of Workload Materials
Performance Tests
Excavator Performance Standards

  • General Maintenance

General Maintenance Procedures
Welding Precautions and Guidelines
Hydraulic System – General Precautions
Maintenance Service and Repair Procedure
Hydraulic System Cleanliness and Oil Leaks
Cleaning and Inspection

Standard Torques 
Torque Values for Standard Metric Fasteners
Torque Values for Standard U.S. Fasteners
Type 8 Phosphate Coated Hardware
Torque Values for Hose Clamps
Torque Values for Split Flanges
Torque Wrench Extension Tools

  • Upper Structure

Window and Gasket Replacement
Falling Object Protective Structures (F.O.P.S.)


Fuel Tank
General Description
Start-up Procedures
Fuel Transfer Pump
General Description
Replacement of Rotor and Vane
Replacement of Rear Cover
Replacement of Amateur

Swing Bearing
Swing Bearing Maintenance

Swing Reduction Gearbox
General Description
Special Tools and Materials
Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment
Cleaning and Inspection (Wear Limits and Tolerances)

  • Lower Structure and Chassis

Track Assembly
General Description
Track Tension
Cleaning and Inspection (Wear Limits and Tolerances)
Track Shoes and Links
Front Idler Roller
Front Idler Roller
Lower Roller
Upper Roller
Upper Roller
Track Spring and Track Adjusting Cylinder
Track Spring and Track Adjusting Cylinder

  • Engine and Drive Train

General Description
Refrigerant Circulation
Control Panel
Control Specifications
Temperature Level Control and Display
Air Discharge According to Path Selection
Air-conditioning System Circuit Diagram
Weight of R134a Gas Used In Machines
Refrigerant System Repairs

Drive Coupling (Main Pump)
Drive Coupling
Special Tools
Drive Coupling Installation

  • Hydraulics

Hydraulic System Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment
Hydraulic System – General Notes
Operation of Working Components
Procedural Troubleshooting Baseline Recommendations
Pilot Pressure
Power Mode Valve
Swing Priority Valve
Pressure Up Valve
Pump Input Power Control
Flow Meter and Flow Meter Kit Installation and Testing
Swing System Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting – Swing Gearbox
Troubleshooting – Hydraulic Problems
Troubleshooting – Control Valve
Troubleshooting – Travel Control Valve
Troubleshooting – Joystick Control Valve

General Description
Accumulator Charging

Center Joint (Swivel)
General Description
Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment

General Description
Special Tools and Materials

Swing Motor
General Description
Special Tools
Cleaning and Inspection

Travel Motor
General Description
Travel Motor Disassembly
Travel Motor Speed Reduction Gearbox Disassembly
Cleaning and Inspection (Wear Limits and Tolerances)
Travel Motor Speed Reduction Gearbox Reassembly
Travel Motor Reassembly

Main Pump
General Description
Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment
Cleaning and Inspection (Wear Limits and Tolerances)

Pilot Control Valve (Work Lever/Joystick)
General Description
Special Tools

Travel Control Valve (Jeil Hydraulics)
General Description
Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment
Cleaning and Inspection (Wear Limits and Tolerances)

Hydraulic Schematic
General Description
Solar 450LC-V Pedal Valve with Damper
Solar 450LC-V with Simplified Swing Brake
General Notes

  • Electrical System

Electrical System
Troubleshooting – Electrical System
Wiring Harness Illustrations
Electric Supply System
Engine Starting Circuit
Engine Preheating System
Engine Stop System
Charging System
Monitoring System
Instrument Panel
Function Check
Mode Select Switch
Pilot Lights
Initial Operation
Electronic Hydraulic Control System
Power Mode Control
Power Mode Control – Circuit Diagram
Work Mode Control
Work Mode Control – Circuit Diagram
Engine Control System
Engine Control Motor
Engine Control Dial
Engine Control Circuit Diagram
Automatic Deceleration Control (Auto Idle Control)
Engine Overheat Protection System
Power Boost Mode
Automatic Travel Speed Control
Engine Control Device – Adjustment
Self-diagnostic Function
Engine Throttle Controller

Electrical Schematic
General Description

  • Attachments

Boom and Arm
Front Attachment Pin Specifications
Front Attachment – Removal and Installation
Start-up Procedures

Bucket Tooth Inspection and Replacement
Bucket O-ring Replacement
Bucket Shimming Procedures
Bucket Attachment, Removal and Reversal