Perkins 2000 Series Workshop Manual

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This workshop Repair manual has been designed to provide assistance in the service and the overhaul of 2000 Series engines.

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Perkins 2000 Series

6 cylinder diesel engines for industrial applications

A number of specification changes were made to engines produced after July 1996. The changes were introduced on generator set engines from the following engine specification numbers:
2006TG1A   SCG060223
2006TG2A   SGH060224
2006TWG2   SGK060225
2006TAG2   SGB060226
2006TTAG   SGJ060227

These engines can be identified by the type of sump fitted. Engines manufactured to the later specification are fitted with a sump made from a composite material. The sumps of earlier engines are made from aluminium.
The specification changes were not applied to industrial engines until August 1998 (specification number: SPD060427) and then to only certain engines. Additionally, industrial engines may be manufactured to the new specification, but retain the aluminium sump.

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General Information
Cylinder Head Assembly
Piston And Connecting Rod Assembly
Crankshaft Assembly
Wheelcase And Drive Assembly
Cylinder Block Assembly
Engine Timing
Aspiration System
Lubrication System
Fuel System
How To Set The Air-Operated Stop Cylinder
Flywheel And Flywheel Housing
Electrical Equipment
Auxiliary Equipment
Running-In And Test
List Of Special Tools