Cub Cadet I1042 I1046 I1050 ZTR Workshop Repair Manual [Riding Tractor Mower]

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Cub Cadet I Series Riding Tractors Workshop Repair Manual Riding Tractor. This Manual is intended to provide service dealers with an introduction to the mechanical aspects of the tractor. Step By step instructions make an easy any repair.

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Models Covered

i1046 17AF9BKH710 2007 20 HP Kohler® Courage V-Twin
i1050 17AF9BKP710 2007 25 HP Kohler® Courage V-Twin
i1042 17AE9BKR010 2008 18 HP Kohler® Courage Single Cylinder
i1046 17AF9BKH010 2008 20 HP Kohler® Courage V-Twin
i1050 17AF9BKP010 2008 25 HP Kohler® Courage V-Twin
In Content

  • Introduction
  • Engine Related Parts
  • Brakes
  • Body and Chassis
  • Drive System
  • Steering
  • Electrical System
  • 46″ 50″ Cutting Decks and Lift Shaft
  • Maintenance Intervals
EZT® Integrated Zero-Turn Transaxle Service and Repair Manual (ZC & ZD Models) BLN-52622
  • Description and Operation
General Description
Hydraulic Schematic
External Features -EZT®
Technical Specifications
Product Identification
  • Safety
Personal Safety
Tool Safety
Work Area Safety
Servicing Safety
  • Troubleshooting
Service and Maintenance
External Maintenance
  • Service and Maintenance Procedures
Fluid Volume and Level
Fluid Change Procedure
Purging Procedures
Return to Neutral Setting
  • Repair
How To Use This Section
General Instructions
Transaxle Removal
Limited Disassembly
Tools and Torques
Control Arm and Bypass Arm
Seal Kit Replacement
Cog Brake and Side Housing
Axle Shaft, Reduction Gears and Expansion Plate
Motor Shaft
Input Shaft and Bypass Rod
Hydraulic Components
Transaxle Installation
Assembly After a Complete Teardown
  • Sealant Application
  • Parts List
  • Glossary of Terms