Caterpillar 385C SBE00001-UP Repair Manual [Excavator]


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Factory Service Repair Manual For Caterpillar 385C Excavator. In this version included Interactive (indexed links) Electrical Schematics, Hydraulic Schematics. Most of the sections include Systems Operation, Testing and Adjusting, Troubleshooting, Specifications, Disassembly and Assembly procedures.

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Caterpillar 385C L Excavator SBE00001-UP (MACHINE)
POWERED BY C-18 Engine


Air Inlet And Exhaust System
Basic Engine
Cooling System
Electrical And Starting System
Electrical System
Engine Arrangement
Frame And Body
Fuel System
Hydraulic System
Lubrication System
Machine Arrangement
Operator Station
Power Train
Service Equipment And Supplies
Work Tools
Torque Specifications
Electrical & Hydraulic Schematic Manuals
• 385C Excavator Hydraulic System (Interactive)
• 385C Excavator and 385C MHPU Hydraulic System – Attachment – Reverse Fan (Interactive)
• 385C and 385C FS Excavator, Type 1 and Type 2, Electrical System, (Interactive) Cab and Chassis , Engine Control
• Air Conditioning Electrical System (324D,325D,326D,328D CR,329D,330D,336D,340D,345C,345D,349D,365C,374D,385C,390D and M325D)
• 385C Excavator – Hydraulic System – Attachment – Boom Lowering Control Valve
• CD700 AccuGrade Wiring for 365C & 385C Excavator Electrical System (Interactive)
• 365C and 385C Excavators and 385C MHPU Electrical Schematic (Attachment) Medium Pressure
• 385C Excavators Hydraulic System – Attachment – Combined Function
• 385C Excavator Hydraulic System – Attachment – Medium Pressure Circuit
• 385C Excavator Hydraulic System (Attachment) – Stick Lowering Control Valve
• 385C Excavator Hydraulic System (Attachment) – Fine Filtration
• 385C Excavator Hydraulic Schematic (Attachment) – One Way Flow
• Fluid Power and Electrical Graphic Symbols

1. Install the 1U-5470 Engine Pressure Group into oil gallery plug (1) .
Note: Engine oil pressure to the camshaft and main bearings should be checked on each
side of the cylinder block at oil gallery plug (1) .
2. Start the engine. Run the engine with SAE 10W30 or SAE 15W40 oil. The information in
the engine oil pressure graph is invalid for other oil viscosities. Refer to Operation and
Maintenance Manual, “Lubricant Viscosities” for the recommendations of engine oil.
Note: Allow the engine to reach operating temperature before you perform the pressure test.
3. Record the value of the engine oil pressure from pressure testing port when the engine has
reached operating temperature.
4. Locate the point that intersects the lines for the engine rpm and for the oil pressure on the
engine oil pressure graph.
Engine Oil Leaks on the Outside of the Engine
Check for leakage at the seals at each end of the crankshaft. Look for leakage at the gasket for the
engine oil pan and all lubrication system connections. Look for any engine oil that may be leaking
from the crankcase breather. This can be caused by combustion gas leakage around the pistons. A
dirty crankcase breather will cause high pressure in the crankcase. A dirty crankcase breather will
cause the gaskets and the seals to leak.