Fiat Kobelco E30SR E35SR Evolution Repair Manual [Excavators]


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Fiat Kobelco E30SR E35SR Evolution Complete Workshop Repair Manual. Step by step highly detailed illustration, diagrams, on how to service, maintain, tune-up, repair, overhaul. Workshop Manual contains the technical information necessary for machine service and repair, the service equipment, the information on maintenance standards, the removal and installing procedure, and the disassembly and assembly procedures.

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Fiat Kobelco
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In Content

– Preliminary remarks
– Specifications
– Attachment dimensions
– Tools
– Standard maintenance time table
– Maintenance standards and test procedures
– Hydraulic system
– Electrical system
– Components system
– Whole disassembling and assembling
– Attachments
– Upper slewing structure
– Travel system
– Hydraulic system
– Electrical system
– Engine
– Engine
– Specifications And Performance
– Cross Sectional Views
– Cooling Water, Lubricating Oil And Fuel Oil
– Troubleshooting
– Special Service Tools And Measuring Instruments
– Measurement, Inspection And Adjustment
– Measuring Procedure, Service Data And Corrective Action
– Disassembly And Reassembly
– Service Data
– Tightening Torque
– Fuel Injection Pump For Indirect Injection System
– Fuel Injection Pump For Direct Injection System
– Governor
– Turbocharger
– Service Information For Carb Ulg Regulation
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