FiatAllis FD145 Repair Manual + Operation Maintenance Manual [Crawler Dozer]


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Service Repair Manual For Fiat Allis FD145. Step by Step Instructions, diagrams, detailed illustrations make easy any repair, Overhaul, Disassembly and Assembly, Testing, Adjustment, Replacement and Change, Inspection and Adjustment, etc.

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MODELS Covered

FiatAllis FD145

6 cylinder, Fiat Iveco 8065.25.099 turbo charged diesel engine.

Service Workshop Repair Manual

* Safety Rules
* Standard Torque Specifications
* Lubricant Type And Features / Capacities
* Engine Related Components
* Transmission
* Final Drives
* Bevel Gear, Steering And Brakes
* Implement Hydraulics
* Undercarriage
* Electrical
* Cab Rops

Operation Maintenance Manual

Safety Rules
Identification Data
Preliminary Instructions And Break In
Controls And Instruments
Operating Instructions
General Notes
Starting The Engine
Working Of The Engine At Minimum Speed
Starting The Engine At Very Low Outdoor Temperatures (On Request)
Starting The Machine
Stopping The Machine
Stopping The Engine
Operator Seat Adjustment
Fuel Tank
Blade Control
Cab Tilting
Machine Transport
Machine Towing
Cold Weather Precautions
Machine Storage
Machine Operation
Protection Structure
Visual Inspection
Maintenance Operations
Service Guide
10 Hour Service
100 Hour Service
250 Hour Service
500 Hour Service
1000 Hour Service
2000 Hour Service
When Necessary
Operations Of Variable Periodocity
Electrical System
Wiring Diagram
Fluid Capacities