Hitachi EX25 EX35 EX40 Service Manual [Excavator]


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Technical Service Manual Hitachi EX25 EX35 EX40 Excavators.

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Models Covered
Hitachi EX25

Hitachi EX35

Hitachi EX40

In Content
Technical Manual:
technical information needed for redelivery and delivery, operation and activation of all devices and systems, operational performance tests, and troubleshooting procedures.

Group 1 General Information
Group 2 Dimensions And Weights
Group 3 Fuels And Lubricants
Group 4 Interchangeability

Upper Structure
Group 1 Outline
Group 2 Tank
Group 3 Pump Device
Group 4 Pipings
Group 5 Swing Device
Group 6 Pilot Valve
Group 7 Solenoid Valve
Group 7 Engine

Group 1 Swing Bearing
Group 2 Travel Device
Group 3 Center Joint
Group 4 Adjuster

Electrical System
Group 1 Electrical Circuit

Hydraulic System
Group 1 Hydraulic Circuit

Operational Performance Test
Group 1 Introduction
Group 2 Standard
Group 3 Engine Test
Group 4 Excavator Test
Group 5 Hydraulic Component Test

Group 1 Diagnosing Procedure
Group 2 Hydraulic System
Group 3 Electrical System
Electrical And Hydraulic Schematics