Hyundai R16-7 Repair Manual [Mini Excavator]


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Factory Service Repair Manual For Hyundai R16-7. This service manual includes an “outline,” “structure and operation,” “inspection and adjustment,” “disassembly and assembly,” “standard maintenance,” and “repair and replacement of parts” of the machine which are necessary to carry out the inspections and repairs in the repair shop.

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Hyundai R16-7

SER. NO. HY1670001~


1. Precautions on Maintenance
2. Outline
3. Attachment
4. Engine
5. Main Pump
6. Hydraulic Oil Filter
7. Control Valve
8. Joystick
9. Slew Motor
10. Travel Motor
11. Hydraulic Cylinder
12. Swivel Joint
13. Crawler
14. Spring Case and Grease Cylinder
15. Idler
16. Sprocket
17. Track Roller
18. Electrical Equipment
19. Troubleshooting