McCormick CX50 CX60 CX70 CX80 CX90 CX100 Repair Manual


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Factory Service Repair Manual For McCormick CX50 CX60 CX70 CX80 CX90 CX100.

Contains service manuals, repair instructions, diagrams, illustrations, specifications for overhaul, disassembly and assembly, testing, adjustment, replacement, change, troubleshoot and much more for high-quality repair and timely maintenance.

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MODELS Covered

McCormick CX50

McCormick CX60

McCormick CX70

McCormick CX80

McCormick CX90

McCormick CX100

SECTIONS covered

Safety, General Information and Standard Torque Specifications
General Specifications and Torques

Electrical Schematics
Instrument Cluster Programming
Battery Servicing and Testing

Steering Column and Steering Hand Pump
2 Wheel Drive Steering Cylinder
2 Wheel Drive Front Axle

Engine Clutch, Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder
Power shift and Forward/Reverse Transmission Servicing
Creep Transmission Servicing
8 Speed Transmission Servicing
Synchronizer Speed Transmission Servicing
Range Transmission Servicing (2 Wheel Drive Tractors)
Range Transmission Servicing (MFD Tractors)
3 Speed Power shift Transmission Servicing (XtraShift)
Differential and Differential Lock
MFD Clutch, Transfer Gearbox, Drive Shaft and Parking Brake
Rear Axles and Planetaries
Non Shift able PTO
Shift able PTO
MFD Axle
Front PTO

Service Brakes
Parking Brake (2 Wheel Drive Tractors)
Hydraulic Trailer Brake

Hydraulic Troubleshooting and Schematic
Filter Manifold and Main Hydraulic Pump
Steering Hydraulic Pump (Engine Driven)
Regulator Valve
Unloading Valve
Remote Valves
Hitch Valve and EDC Manifold
Hydraulic Lift Housing Servicing
Front Hitch

Pedal, Lever and Switch Adjustments
Cab Mountings

Hitch Controller Calibration, Error Codes, Troubleshooting and Schematics (Tractors Not Equipped with Ride Control)
Hitch/MFD/Differential Lock Controller Calibration, Error Codes, Troubleshooting and Schematics (Tractors Equipped with Ride Control)
Calibration, Error Codes Troubleshooting and Schematics
Programming the PTO/FNR Controller and Hitch/MFD/Differential Lock Controller