Case 570LXT Repair and Operator’s Manuals [Loader Landscaper]


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Include 2 pdf Manuals:

Case 570LXT Service Repair Manual (403mb) reprinted version
Step by step Instructions, illustrations, diagrams For remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting.

Case 570LXT Operator’s Manual (29mb) reprinted version
contains important information about the safe operation, adjustment, service and maintenance of your Case machine

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Case 570LXT Loader/Loader Landscaper


Service Repair Manual

Section Index – General
Standard Torque Specifications
Fluids and Lubricants
Loctite Product Chart
Section Index – Engines
Engine and Radiator Removal and Installation
Stall Tests
Specification Details
Cylinder Head and Valve Train
Cylinder Block
Lubrication System
Cooling System
Turbocharger Failure Analysis
Fuel System
Section Index • Fuel System
Fuel System and Filters
Fuel Injectors
CAV Fuel Injection Pump
Section Index – Electrical
Removal and Installation of Electrical Components
Electrical Specifications and Troubleshooting
Starter and Starter Solenoid
Instrument Cluster
Section Index – Steering
Removal and Installation of Steering Components
Steering Specifications, Pressure Checks and Troubleshooting
Steering Control Valve
Steering Cylinders
Front Axle – Two Wheel Drive
Front Axle – Four Wheel Drive
Power Train
Section Index – Power Train
Removal and Installation of Power Train Components
Transmission Specifications, Pressure Checks and Troubleshooting
Wheels and Tires
Rear Axle and Planetaries
Section Index – Brakes
Removal and Installation of Brake Components
Master Cylinder
Section Index – Hydraulics
Removal and Installation of Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic Specifications, Troubleshooting, and Pressure Checks
Cleaning the Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Pump
Loader Control Valve
Three Point Hitch Control Valve
Auxiliary Control Valve
Accumulator for Optional Ride Control
Solenoid Valve for Optional Ride Control
Operator’s Manual

To The Owner
After Delivery Check
Right, Left, Front And Rear Of Machine
Identification Numbers
Machine Components
Safety/Decals/Hand Signals
Safety Rules
Before Operation
Machine Operation
Parking The Machine
Burn Prevention
Fire Or Explosion Prevention
Wheel And Tire Maintenance
Roll-Over Protection Structure
Cast Ductile Iron
Safety Decals
Hand Signals
Instruments And Controls
Machine Controls
Loader Controls
Three-Point Hitch Controls
Standard Seat
Suspension Seat
Seat Belts
Cab Controls (If Equipped)
Operating Instructions
Run-In Period Of A New Machine
Engine Operation
Engine Starting Aids
Machine Operation
Towing A Disabled Machine
Operating In Cold Weather
Operating In Hot Weather
Loader Operation
Three Point Hitch Operation
Lubrication / Maintenance Charts
General Safety Before You Service
Engine Hourmeter
Support Strut For Loader Lift Arms
Fluids And Lubricants
Lubrication/Maintenance Chart
Systemgard Lubrication Analysis Program
Opening The Engine Hood
Loader Grease Fittings
Three Point Hitch Grease Fittings
Machine Grease Fittings
Fluid Levels
Engine Oil Recommendations
Engine Service Specifications
Air Filter System
Engine Cooling System
Diesel Fuel System
Hydraulic System
Rear Axle
Front Four Wheel Drive Axle
Cab Air Filter
Maintenance And Adjustments
Loader Return-To-Dig Adjustment
Ether Starting Aid
Fan Drive Belt Replacement
Plastic And Resin Parts
Spark Arrester Muffler (If Equipped)
Ride Control Accumulator
Cab Air Conditioning
Roll-Over Protective Structure
Fire Extinguisher
Electrical System
Lamp Replacement
Instrument Cluster
Machine Storage
Removal From Storage
Engine Data
Bolt Torques
Main Relief Valve Pressures
Travel Speeds
Operating Weights
Loader Buckets
Basic Machine Dimensions
Loader Operating Data And Dimensions
Three- Point Hitch Lift Capacities
After Delivery Check
Alphabetical Index