John Deere 5080R, 5090R, 5100R, 5080RN, 5090RN, 5100RN Diagnostics and Test Technical Manual [Tractors]

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Factory Service Repair Manual For John Deere 5080R, 5090R, 5100R, 5080RN, 5090RN, 5100RN European Tractors. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, maintenance, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups. Digital PDF format, searchable and bookmarked.

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  • Section —General Information
    —General References
  • Section —Diagnostic Trouble Codes
    BCU—BCU Control Unit
    BIF—BIF Control Unit
    ECU—ECU Control Unit
    EPC—EPC Control Unit
    PRF—PRF Control Unit
  • Section —Observable Symptoms
    —Electronic Control Units
    —PowrQuad and PowrQuad Plus Transmissions
    —Drive Systems
    —Steering and Brakes
    —Hydraulic system
    —Operator’s Cab
  • Section —System Diagnostics
    —PowrQuad Transmission
    —Hydraulic system
  • Section —Engine
    —General Information
    —Operational Checks
    —Tests and Adjustments
  • Section —Fuel, Air Intake and Cooling Systems
    —Tests and Adjustments
    A—Fuel System
    B—Air Intake System
    C—Cooling System
    D—Cold Start Aids
  • Section —Electrical System
    SE—Starting Motor and Charging Circuit
    SEA—Fuel Preheater
    SEB—Electrical Starting Aid
    SE—BIF Control Unit (Basic Informator)
    SE—Operator’s Seat and Cigarette Lighter
    SE—Connector for Accessories
    SE—Radio, Dome Light and Console Light
    SE—Air Conditioning and Fan
    SE—Windshield Wiper and Washer
    SE—Rear Window Wiper and Washer
    SE—Beacon Light
    SEB—­Terminal and ­Terminal Power Outlet Sockets (ECE)
    SE—BCU Control Unit (Electronic Hitch Control)
    SE—BCU Control Unit (Basic Functions)
    SE—Signal Socket and Service Socket
    SE—PRF Control Unit (Performance Monitor)
    SE—CAN BUS Terminating Resistor
    SE—LevelECU Control Unit (Electronic Engine Control) for ­Valve Engine with HPCR
    SE—Backup Alarm
    SE—EPC (Transmission Control with PowrQuad Plus or AutoQuad Plus Transmission)
    SE—Prewiring for GreenStar
    A—Component Information ­ Connectors and Contacts
    B—Component Information ­ Connectors (X to X)
    C—Component Information ­ Connectors (X to X)
    D—Component Information ­ Connectors (X to X)
    E—Component Information ­ Connectors (X to X)
    F—Component Information ­ Connectors (X to X)
    G—Component Information ­ Connectors (XGND)
    —Component Information ­ Wiring Harnesses
    —Component Information ­ Electrical Parts/Components
    A—Component Information ­ Electrical Parts/Components (Actuators)
    B—Component Information ­ Electrical Parts/Components (Sensors/Switches/Potentiometers)
    C—Component Information ­ Electrical Parts/Components (Fuses/Relays/Diodes)
    D—Component Information ­ Electrical Parts/Components (Headlamps/Lights)
    E—Component Information ­ Electrical Parts/Components (Other)
    —Component Information ­ Ground Connections
    —Component Information ­ CAN BUS System
  • Section —Electronic Control Units
    —Operation and General Information on Diagnostics
    A—Interactive Tests
    B—Interactive Calibrations
    —Information on How to Reprogram Control Units
    —Data BUS Systems
    BCU—BCU Control Unit
    BIF—BIF Control Unit
    ECU—ECU Control Unit
    EPC—EPC Control Unit
    PRF—PRF Control Unit
  • Section —PowrQuad Transmission
    —Operational Checks
    —Tests and Adjustments
    —Theory of Operation
  • Section —Drive Systems
    —Operational Checks
    —Tests and Adjustments
    A—Front­Wheel Drive Clutch
    C—Final Drives
    D—Rear PTO Options
    E—Front PTO
  • Section —Steering and Brakes
    —Operational Checks
    —Tests and Adjustments
    A—Hydrostatic Steering
    B—Brake Valve
    C—Rear Brakes
    D—Park Brake
    E—Air Brakes
    F—Hydraulic Trailer Brake
  • Section —Hydraulic System
    —Operational Checks
    —Tests and Adjustments
    —PC Hydraulic System ­ Theory of Operation
    A—PC Hydraulic System ­ Oil Filter and
    Hydraulic Pump
    B—PC Hydraulic System ­ Hitch
    C—Selective Control Valves (SCVs)
    E—PC Hydraulic System ­ Priority Valve Block
  • Section —Miscellaneous
    —Operational Checks
    —Tests and Adjustments
    —Theory Of Operation
  • Section —Operator’s Cab
    —Operational Checks
    —Tests and Adjustments
    A—Heating and Ventilation
    B—Air­Conditioning System
  • Section —Special Tools
    —Special Tools (Dealer­Fabricated)
    —Special Tools (Available as Spare Parts)