Case IH Magnum 7100 & 7200 Series Repair Manual


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Complete Service Repair Workshop Manual For Case Magnum 7100 & 7200 series tractors. Step by step Instructions, diagrams, illustrations for disassembly and assembly. Make an easy any repair, overhaul, testing, adjustment, tear down, replacement, change, inspection, maintenance.

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MODELS Covered

Case IH Magnum 7100 & 7200 series

7110 Case Magnum
7120 Case Magnum
7130 Case Magnum
7140 Case Magnum
7150 Case Magnum

7210 Case Magnum
7220 Case Magnum
7230 Case Magnum
7240 Case Magnum
7250 Case Magnum

SECTIONS covered
General information
Loctite product chart

Engine Troubleshooting
Engine Tune-Up
Engine Removal
Tractor split between engine and speed transmission
Tractor split between flywheel housing and speed transmission
Air induction system
After cooler system
Specification details
Cylinder head and valve train
Cylinder block
Lubrication system
Cooling system
Turbocharger failure analysis

Fuel system
Fuel system specifications
Fuel tank
Fuel system and filters
Injection pump
Fuel injectors

Wiring schematics and troubleshooting
Neutral start switch
Starting motor
Battery servicing and testing

Steering column and hand pump
Steering cylinder- 2WD and MFD tractors
Steering axle and lines- 2WD
Emergency steering system

Power Train
Tractor split between speed and range transmission
Tractor split for speed transmission service, 7100 series
Transmission S/N AJB0055133 and after and all 7200 series
Tractor split for pinion shaft or range transmission service- 7100 series transmission S/N AJB0055133 and after and all 7200 series
MFW axle removal
Transmission valve
Speed transmission
Range transmission
Hydraulic pump drive
Rear frame
Rear axle and planetaries
PTO- single shaft
MFD clutch removal without tractor split
MFD differential
MFD axle and planetaries

Brake valve
Trailer brake and priority valves
Brake Cylinders
Parking brake

Hydraulic system
Hydraulic troubleshooting- 7100 and 7200 series
PTO valve
Remote hydraulic circuits
Hydraulic filters
Differential lock and MFD solenoid valves
Charge and lube pump
Three-point hitch
Hitch valve
Hydraulic schematics- 7100 and 7200 series
Hydraulic schematics- 7100E and 7200E series

Air conditioning troubleshooting
Air conditioning testing
Air conditioning system and compressor- 7100 series
Air conditioning and compressor- 7200 series
Air conditioning component
Cab removal
Pedal and lever adjustment
Tractor seat air/air