John Deere 120 Repair Manual [Hydrostatic Tractor]


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Service Repair Manual For John Deere 120 Hydrostatic Tractor.

New for 1970 is the 120 Lawn and Garden Tractor. The 120 is a 12 HP Hydrostatic Drive Tractor. This tractor will fill the gap between the 112 and 140 Tractors. The 120 has the general appearance of the 140 HI Tractor and should appeal to the homeowner. The following service program will cover the 120 Tractor. There are items which will be similar to the 140, however, the 140 Tractor has a printed Service Manual available (SM 2086). The 120 Tractor will have a separate Service Manual (SM 2090).

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MODELS Covered

John Deere 120 Hydrostatic Tractor


SECTIONS covered

Fuel System
Electrical System
Power Train

SM 2090