John Deere 70 Repair Manual [Lawn & Garden Tractor]


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Service Repair Manual For John Deere 70 Lawn Tractor.

In 1966 the 60 Lawn Tractor was introduced to the Consumer Products Line. The 60 Tractor sales have grown steadily through the 1969 model production. Responding to the market demand, the 60 Tractor has been redesigned for 1970 and is now identified as the 70 Lawn Tractor. Increased horsepower, improved operator comfort with the isolated engine mounting, and new steering gear are only a few of the quality features of the 70 Lawn Tractor. This is a service program for the 70 Lawn Tractor, however, most of the trouble shooting, removal and replacement procedures and adjustments apply to the 60 Lawn Tractor as well. This booklet has many uses. It should be maintained in your Service Department library as a ready reference as the need arises.

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MODELS Covered

John Deere 70 (60 Tractor, please read description!)Lawn Tractor

ST 70

SECTIONS covered

Fuel System
Power Train