John Deere 6110M 6120M 6130M 6135M 6140M 6145M Repair Manual [Tractors]

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Factory Service Repair Manual TM408519 For John Deere 6110M – 6145M Tractors. Tons of illustrations, instructions, diagrams for step by step remove and install, assembly and disassembly, service, maintenance, inspection, repair, troubleshooting, tune-ups. Fully digital version with bookmarks searchable text and scalable images.

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John Deere


  • -Foreword
  • -Safety
    Safety Measures
  • -General
    General Information – Specifications
    General Information – Tests and Adjustments
    General Information – Predelivery Inspection
  • -Engine
    Engine Removal and Installation of Components
    Engine Exhaust Cleaning System
  • -Fuel, Air-Intake, Cooling, and Exhaust System
    Fuel System
    Cooling System
    Exhaust System
  • -Electrical System
    Electrical System – Connectors
    Electrical System – Charging Circuit
    Electrical System – Starter Circuit
    Electrical System – Headlights
  • -Electronic Control Units
    Removal and Installation of Control Units
    Terminating Resistors, Removal and Installation
  • -Drive Train (without Transmission)
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – Removal and Installation of Components
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – U.J. Shafts and Torsion Dampers
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – Mechanical Front-Wheel Drive
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – Differential
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – Hydraulic Pump Drive
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – Final Drives
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – Rear PTO Options
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – Front PTO
    Drive Train (without Transmission) – Front Implement Drive
  • -PowrQuad Transmission
    PowrQuad Transmission – Removal and Installation of Components
    PowrQuad Transmission – Transmission Shift Control
    PowrQuad Transmission – PowrQuad Module
    PowrQuad Transmission – Creeper Transmission
    PowrQuad Transmission – Option Transmission
    PowrQuad Transmission – Range Transmission
  • -Steering
    Steering – Hydrostatic Steering
    Steering – AutoTrac
  • -Brakes
    Brakes – Brake Valve
    Brakes – Rear Brakes
    Brakes – Hydraulic Trailer Brake
    Brakes – Air Brake System
    Brakes – Park Brake
  • -Hydraulic System
    Hydraulic System – General Information
    Operator Controls
    Hydraulic System – Oil Filter, Additional Oil Reservoir, Charge Pump, and Hydraulic Pump
    Hydraulic System – Priority 1 to 3 Control Blocks
    Hydraulic System – Rear Hitch
    Hydraulic System – Selective Control Valves (SCV) and Couplers
  • -Machine-Specific Systems
    Machine-Specific Systems – Removal and Installation of Components
    Machine-Specific Systems – Main Frame
    Machine-Specific Systems – Fenders, Front Wheels, and Rear Wheels
    Machine-Specific Systems Trailer Hitch and Swinging Drawbar
    Machine-Specific Systems – Hydraul. Wagon Hitch
  • -Suspension Systems
    Suspension Systems – Suspended Front-Wheel Drive Axle
    Suspension Systems – Mechanical Cab Suspension
  • -Operators Cab
    Removal and Installation of Components
    Operators Cab – Operation and Control Devices
    Operators Cab – Air-Conditioning System
    Operators Cab – Seats
    Operators Cab – Operators Cab
  • -Special Tools
    General Information